A technician using a drain snake to clear a drain line

Sewer and Drains

Sewer and Drain Services in Canton, OH

Sewer problems? With the latest technology, we are able to help you with most of your sewer and drain problems. Diagnosing problems with our locating and video equipment saves you money by pinpointing those areas that need replacement or repair.

Whether you need a line cleared because someone put too much in the garbage disposal, or a maintenance program to keep lines running clear all year, put our experience and technology to the test. Your problem becomes our problem and we will solve it quickly and efficiently.

Our services include:

  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Open Clogged Drains/Sewers (both inside and outside)
  • Electric Snakes (small, medium & large)
  • Flush Lines with High Velocity Machine
  • Install/Repair/Replace Sewer Lines
  • Complete Diagnosis of Sewer or Drain Line Problems
  • Video Camera Technology
  • Tone & Locate Lines
  • Dye Testing of System to Check Operation
  • Clean Grease Traps
  • Check/Service Sewage Ejection Systems
  • Bio-Clean - Environmentally safe bacteria waste eliminator
  • Smoke Testing for Sewer Gas Detection
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Eloise T

“It went well. He was very nice, explained how the drain system work in my house. Thank you Miracle Plumbing.”